Monday, December 1, 2008

The Waiting Game

12-01-08 UPDATE: Today I called both surgery schedulers at both doctor's offices to let them know that I would be willing to do surgery anytime in December, even if it means that I will be in the hospital recuperating over Christmas. I haven't heard anything back though.

Please continue to pray that the surgery can be done in December so that I can start getting better sooner and so that the financial part of the $1500 deductible on my insurance can be a part of 2008 expenses instead of starting over on the deductible in 2009.

I continue to be amazed at all the wonderful messages that all of you are sending my way. Outside of the love of God and that of my parents, I have never felt so loved and prayed for in my entire life! I am humbly grateful for everything that all of you are doing to encourage my heart through your prayers, uplifting messages, and by offering to do every-day things to help me and Mom. I am blessed indeed!

Love & prayers to you and yours,
Janet =o)

11-28-08 UPDATE: We are still waiting for a phone call from Dr. Rahhal's office about the surgery date. ~~Please continue to pray that it can be done in December to help out with the insurance deductible for me. Also, a new pastor is coming in January to the church where I work and I am the pastor's secretary as well as doing publications. ~~Pray that my absence will not create a burden for anyone in the office, especially the new pastor, Griff Henderson.