Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1st Appointment w/ Dr. McMeekin

~I just returned from my appointment w/ Dr. McMeekin. I will write more later about it, but this is simply to let you know that Mom and I feel more encouraged and our hearts are lighter than they were.

~I WILL have surgery w/ complete removal of uterus, tubes, ovaries, and all lymph nodes. There is an 80% cure rate from surgery alone. After final pathology reports come back we will know whether or not chemo, radiation or a combination is necessary.

~Dr. McMeekin feels that I am probably "middle of the road" as far as how far along the cancer is. There are 3 stages and grades underneath each stage.

~Here's the BEST NEWS: Dr. McMeekin WILL do surgery at Mercy Hospital, which is only 10 minutes from my house! JOIN US IN THANKING GOD FOR HIS ANSWER TO THIS PRAYER!

~Dr. McMeekin believes that the surgery can be done in December, which would be another answer to prayer. Since Dr. McMeekin has no surgery times at Mercy, it will be scheduled through Dr. Rahhal's office. Please CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE SURGERY TO BE SCHEDULED IN DECEMBER.

.~THANK YOU FOR PRAYING! I am excited to see how God is answering our prayers.

Love & prayers to you and yours!
Janet and Momma Faye