Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good News/Bad News

I went to my pre-op appointment on Monday, November 17 thinking I would do blood work, etc. Instead, my doctor had thought of another procedure he could try in the office to get a biopsy! Those biopsy results should be back by Wednesday, November 19. Pray that they will be. You'll see why this is so very important as you read on. I may still have to have the surgical biopsy on Thursday, November 20. I will not know for sure about that until the nurse calls me on Wednesday with the results from Monday's biopsy. So, I still need and appreciate your prayers. If I do have to have the hospital procedure, please pray that it can be done with no complications this time. Just like everyone who has to have a biopsy--a good, clear, benign report is something I'd like to have. I will let you know what I can as soon as I am told about if the surgery is on or off and what the biopsy report is from Monday &/or Thursday. Knowing that you are praying means so very much.

Dr. Rahhal called me around 10:50 am on Thursday, November 19 and he did not have good news. The biopsy from Monday does show malignancy for endometrial cancer. This will involve a hysterectomy and removal of nodes. He is referring me to an ob/gyn/oncologist, Dr. D. Scott McMeekin; this doctor was in surgery this morning and Dr. Rahhal was unable to discuss my case with him. When Dr. Rahhal hears back from Dr. McMeekin I will be contacted again today and I will see the new doctor as soon as we can get an appointment. Dr. McMeekin’s office is over by University Hospital and that is where he usually does surgery, but sometimes he will come to Mercy and do surgery w/ Dr. Rahhal. For my Mom’s sake, would you pray that the surgery can be done at Mercy? She just could not drive back and forth to University Hospital by herself. Pray especially for her—Momma Faye—she is taking this very hard. (She was doing better this afternoon when I called to check on her. I have stayed at work as a way of coping.) Also, please pray that I could have surgery before the end of the year because that would help out financially. My insurance deductible is $1500 and I have already met that with all of these tests this autumn. If I have to wait until January, then the deductible starts over as you know. Okay—as my grandma Dovie used to say “Take life as it comes, not as you order it.” God is still in control and is faithful and good. I was able to tell Dr. Rahhal that Christians have hope beyond today and he agreed, so there's already been an opportunity to say a good word to someone about our marvelous God. Dr. Rahhal also said that if you’re going to have to have cancer that this is the kind to have because of the high cure rate. They will not be able to stage it until the actual surgery. Thanks for your prayer support and words of encouragement. Mom and I need them now more than ever. Please check up on Mom in person, by mail, or on the phone as often as you can.

The good news? I do not have to have the hospital biopsy on November 20.

Love & prayers to you and yours,