Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you seems so inadequate to say to all of you who are praying for (and with) Mom and me, loving us, encouraging us, volunteering to do things to help us, coming to see us, calling us on the phone, sending us cards--the list goes on and on. We are both so very grateful to God for you and for all the things you're doing to help us during this difficult season in our lives.

It is my understanding that the initial pathology report will come while I am still in the hospital. I don't know if I'll receive the final pathology report before being dismissed or not. I am expecting the best report possible. (Nevertheless, not my will, but God's.) I have prayed that the doctors will be surprised at how good everything looks once I am in surgery--and you know that God will get the credit, praise, and thanks for that.

A dear friend will update my CarePage as needed so you'll know what's happening as the journey continues. Thanks, Sally! You can find me by using TheTuneRoom as the page name. You must register/join to visit the page, but it is easy to do. I encourage you to leave a message for me--you can even mark it private if you want and only you and I will see it.

It is my habit to pray for people whenever they come to mind because I believe that is Holy Spirit letting me know to pray for people when they need it the most. I will continue to make that my habit during my days in the hospital as well as in the coming weeks as I recuperate.

Love & prayers to each and every one of you. You are near, dear, and precious in my life and in Mom's.

Because of Jesus,