Monday, October 27, 2008

A Change In Plans

Unfortunately, I could not have the biopsy on October 22 because as soon as I was under general anesthesia, I started throwing up. They had to pull all the tubes very quickly in order to prevent fluids from aspirating into my lungs, which would have caused pneumonia. As a result, the biopsy could not be done AND I have one very sore throat and mouth. I am used to a sore throat after a surgery, but this one is lasting quite a long time. I am eating more solid foods, although they are still what I'd call "gentle" and soft foods.

Dr. Rahhal wants to give me a chance to recuperate and we are rescheduling the biopsy in the next week or two. He said that it will absolutely be done in a hospital this time instead of an outpatient surgery center. I'll let you know when.

Please continue to pray for me and also Mom during this time.

Thanks so much!